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Begonnen von Schnoofy, 02. Februar 2013, 11:38:15

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Wir werden morgen im Laufe des Vormittags das Forum updaten. Künftig könnt ihr dieses dann auch via Handy vernünftig nutzen. :)
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Guten Morgen,

der Techniker war schon da und das Forum ist aktuell.

Falls ihr Fehler, Bugs oder sonstigen merkwürdigen Kram entdeckt postet es hier:

(eventuell Screenshot nicht vergessen)


In diesem Zuge habe ich mal die "Gefällt mir" Funktion aktiviert.
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zur späten Stunde Update durchgeführt...

SMF 2.1.3 Released

ZitatNotable changes in SMF 2.1.3

  • Unicode support enhancements - SMF unicode support now matches the latest published standard, Unicode 15, published in Sept 2022 (  Staying current is important for proper capitalization across alphabets, and also with non-printable character detection.
  • Attachments enhancement - Honor SMF-specified attachment limitations.  SMF was restricting attachment uploads based on the underlying php configuration; however, given the .js approach used, this limitation did not apply.
  • Attachments enhancement - Automatically delete inserted img tags when the corresponding attachments are deleted.
  • Notification enhancement - Cleanup unread notifications after post approvals, after closing moderation reports, and after unlikes.
  • Notification enhancement - Cleanup unread orphan alerts, created by message or topic deletions or permission changes.
  • Notification enhancement - Cleanup unread quote and mention alerts if they were removed during a post edit.
  • Upgrader enhancements - Issue warnings if attachment or avatar directories are not found. Also, a new option was added to allow the user to rerun the attachment conversion.
  • Enhanced timezone support - SMF now supports all current timezones (
  • Attachments bug - Fixed a bug where attachments might disappear with a "Not a Valid Attachment ID" message.
  • Notification bug - Fixed a bug where the alert count displayed was incorrect.
  • Email bug - Fixed a bug where emails with a mail type of PHP did not work properly in PHP 8.x in linux environments. (SMTP was OK.)
  • Postgresql support - Fixed numerous issues causing mod installs to behave differently across Postgresql and MySQL.  It is much easier now to develop a mod that supports both.
  • Fixed a bug where PHP 8.1 was being persnickety and did not like implicit float to int conversions.
  • Fixed a bug where the sql_mode was not being properly set in MySQL 8.x.  This would result in slightly different DB query behavior across MySQL 5.x and MySQL 8.x.
  • Fixed a bug where explicitly "Not Following" a topic resulted in it showing up in your unread list, and not going away...
  • Improved support for spaces in URLs...  Not per any RFC or spec, but SMF supported them in 2.0, so that support should have been carried forward to 2.1...
  • Fixed a bug where errors appeared in the SMF error log when crawlers attempted to access now-moved avatars.  During the 2.1 migration, avatars and attachments may be relocated; external crawlers referencing defunct links should not generate SMF errors.
  • Fixed a bug in Postgresql syntax when deleting fulltext indexes.
  • Fixed a bug where "Trying to access array offset on value of type null" showed up in the log.
  • Fixed a bug where the editor would drop links if copied and pasted.
  • Fixed a bug where right-to-left languages could not be specified and displayed properly.
  • Fixed a bug where sorting PMs did not work properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the BBC url setting erroneously affected signature and topic behavior.
  • Fixed a bug where hidden members were hidden from admins, too...
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong icon was used for profile links in PMs.
  • Fixed a bug where robot_no_index might be set incorrectly, potentially affecting SEO.
  • Fixed a bug with CORS headers were not being built properly.
  • Fixed a bug where custom themes might load empty styles.
  • Fixed a bug where permissions were not properly retained when boards were moved.  Moved boards might disappear...
  • Fixed a bug with using wildcards in IP tracking.
  • Fixed multiple errors with caching - better reporting of the cache engine not loading, and better handling when not getting a hit on cached info.
  • Improved edits on profile info, e.g., website urls too long.
  • Fixed a bug where page numbers in lengthy lists might show decimals...
  • Improved the message when verification questions were missing.
  • Enhanced support for passwords for myBB converted users.
  • Fixed an upgrader bug where 1.1 migrations might fail with Too few arguments to function smf_mysql_insert_id().
  • Numerous minor enhancements and tweaks to layout.
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Im Laufe der Woche wird mal ein Update des Forum vorgenommen. Für diesen Zeitraum wird es in den Wartungsmodus gesetzt. 

Wenn schönes Wetter wird sollte ihr eh lieber draußen sein   ;)


ZitatNotable changes in SMF 2.1.4

  • Attachments Upload UI enhancements - The UI used for uploading attachments is now easier to use, and a tad more aesthetic also.
  • Cron enhancements - When running cron as a crontab in unix, it will now check for scheduled tasks and possibly flush the mail queue, in addition to acting on background tasks.
  • jQuery upgrade - jQuery upgraded to 3.6.3.
  • Notifications bug - Fixed a bug where certain notifications were not getting delivered if a user subscribed to both a board and a topic within the board.
  • Editor bug - Fixed a bug where the cursor position may behave erratically when mentions exist in WYSIWYG mode.
  • Search bug - Fixed a bug caused by some non-backwards compatible behavior in PHP 8.0+ that might result in incomplete results.
  • Subscriptions bug - Fixed a bug where subscriptions with multi-byte utf8 characters in the description might cause errors.
  • Subscriptions bug - Fixed an undefined constant CURLOPT_POSTFIELDSIZE bug.
  • Package Manager bug - Fixed a bug where invalid default value errors were generated.
  • Custom Fields Search bug - Fixed a bug which prevented custom field searches from working on the member list under some circumstances.
  • Autolinker bug - Fixed a bug where the autolinker might get a match on partial names.
  • Upgrader bug - Fixed a bug where certain notification settings were not brought forward properly from 2.0.
  • Hooks bugs - Fixed bugs where hooks might not be removed properly when mods were deleted, and also where duplicate hooks might be created upon mod reinstall.  Also, enabling & disabling of hooks in the admin console works cleanly now.
  • Fixed a bug where admin-only boards might be visible on the board index.
  • Fixed a bug where users might get kicked out with erroneous verification question errors.
  • Fixed a bug where membergroup adds may not get logged properly.
  • Fixed a bug where you may get cache errors in the logs.
  • Fixed a bug where long user agents might cause various errors in the SMF error log.
  • Fixed a bug where MariaDB users might see a "Subject isn't in GROUP BY" error when removing a topic.
  • Fixed a bug where the SSI Recent Topics call did not show the original topic title.
  • Numerous minor bug fixes, e.g., to address undefined vars.
  • Numerous tweaks to enhance the UI.