Bootlegs with the Die Ärzte support band Sator

Begonnen von webquake, 06. März 2014, 21:58:01

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I'm looking for bootlegs with the Die Ärzte support band Sator 2012 or 2013. Maybe someone who recorded DÄ also recorded Sator? I'm not sure where to post this question, is it allowed on this site? If not, any ideas where I should post it instead?



Hey webquake
Tapes from other bands are not allowed here  ;) (except Farin´s Racingteam)

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Hej webquake,

asking is never not allowed. :-) don't support bands except of die aerzte. Maybe some user could help with recordings but we won't host them on our servers.

- Schnoofy


Thank you for your replies!

I wasn't expecting download links, but maybe answers about if anything exists at all, and hopefully making contact with people who have such recordings.


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Thanks to the lovely Die Ärzte fans I now have these:


All the best,

It's still not allowed here... (Admin)